5 Crop Top Tips

24 Apr

I was dreading it, but here it is. The crop top trend. In full swing! Since they are pretty much the only types of shirts available in stores now,  I’ve come up with some tips on how to rock it.

Tip 1: Don’t do this. This is not the 90’s. Style has evolved.

crop topsInstead, make sure that you wear a high waisted bottom, like this pencil skirt below. Classier, right?

Kardashian Klassy

Kardashian Klassy

Tip 2: Loose/ slouchy crop tops are easier to pull off. The big shirt contrasted against your torso is slimming.


Tip 3: If you are a little self conscious or still uncomfortable with the look of a crop top, layer a blazer or sweater over the outfit. This will give a hint of midriff in the front and still look trendy. I highly recommend this for the smaller crop tops like this one below. Keep it classy, ladies!


Tip 4: Play with silhouettes and shapes. I like the rule where you have the top tight and the bottom loose, or vise versa. The images below show what I mean.

33-crop-topcropTip 5: A tight top with a tight bottom tends to look more formal. This is an easy trick to turn an outfit from a daytime look to a nighttime look. The crop top below could probably be paired with a loose bottom and look a lot more casual.

santona-white-crop-top-and-body-con-skirt-setAlso be very careful when pairing a loose top with a loose bottom. This person did it right:


Here is Kerry Washington’s fail:

Here comes the blob

Here comes the blob


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