My Thoughts on Inside Amy Schumer

25 Apr


Inside Amy Schumer has become one of the shows that I look forward to during the week. Surprisingly, it’s one of the shows that Nate looks forward to as well! Nate doesn’t like female comics. Female comics have it rough. They tend to have the schtick of not being that funny. Amy Schumer has definitely risen above that reputation. Amy says everything that has ever been on my mind and takes it to the next level of unfilteredness. She has girl scenarios but with a guy’s humor.

I love how her sketches have intelligence behind them. In the last episode she talked about staying at the W. She shows how overly-accommodating the staff is until you check out. It’s hilarious and true.

There was another sketch where she was a female in a video game. The Sergent in the game raped her character and it asks if she wants to report it. It then says “Are you sure? This man has a family.” Her humor challenges morals and traditional roles. I love it.


In another sketch she has a coworker who clearly is recovering from cancer and asks her to do a marathon with her. Amy makes obvious excuses as to why she doesn’t want to do it- she’d rather just give the money, she bulks easily, etc.  It’s something you would say to any other person EXCEPT one that has/had cancer. It makes you feel morally wrong for siding with her, yet you totally relate because come on, who wants to run a marathon? At the end of the sketch, she gets a phone call for someone higher up than her that she is clearly trying to suck up to. She agrees to do the marathon with them. The coworker is still in the room when this happens. LOL.

When the second season came, I was unsure about how successful the show would continue to be, but I feel like it only got funnier.

My only complaint is that in a lot of the sketches, Amy is the “super attractive” girl. For example, she plays an Anna Kournikova-type who wins a tennis tournament for her looks, not the actual game. She does sexual noises and there is slo-mo, etc. Part of it is funny because she’s not as skinny as the “typical hot girl,” but part of it is like wait, do you really think you’re that hot to play that role? I’m not sure, but it almost makes YOUR situation more hilarious due to the uncertain awkwardness. Everything about this show is smart.


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