Lush Bath Bomb | Review

29 Apr


We all know I love my baths. I most recently tried the Tisty Tosty bath bomb from Lush. I had gotten it as a late Christmas gift from my good friend, Jon. Don’t worry, he didn’t give it to me in April. It was more like February or March. We tend to stretch out our holiday seasons πŸ˜‰

It has rose, jasmine, and orris in it. Lush advertises it as being a love potion because roses have an aromatic ability to make you feel loving, positive feelings. The rose oil also helps soothe dry skin.

Orris is the root of an Iris flower. It is used a lot for perfumes. FUN FACT: it can be found in lots of gin brands too! To me orris smells like violets, but has a more permanent smell.

Back to the bath. It was my first time having rose buds float around while I was relaxing. It definitely added to the ambiance. I felt royal and romantic as if my prince was outside trying to scale the wall for my rescue. It definitely was relaxing in a more pampering/”you’re worth it” kind of way. Who doesn’t like to leave a bath with a little ego boost?! Thanks Jonny Cupcake πŸ™‚


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