End of April Weekend

30 Apr

Last weekend was very busy. It’s safe to say the spring birthday season has begun. I used to hate my birthday being around this time of year- you have to plan your party way in advance to reserve the day from the others in your class. Anyways, last Saturday, Nate and I met his grandparents at the Reagan library for a baseball exhibit. After lunch, we found the exhibit but weren’t sure that we were at the beginning. One of the overly helpful elderly volunteers stepped in and showed us where to find the beginning of the exhibit. We go to where she directed us and it turned out that it was the beginning of the Reagan museum. How long can it be? We decided to walk on through. It then occurred to me that Nate’s sweet grandparents are VERY liberal. Even though I love Reagan, Grandpa Herb’s comments were hilarious. And Grandma Gail’s comments for him to stop made it even funnier. The baseball exhibit was really cool by the way. Lots of vintage stuff! Below is a picture of me posing in one of the Reagan tourist traps.


After the museum adventure, Nate and I headed over to our friends, Anthony and Brent’s (they’re twins!) birthday party. It was a day drinking BBQ. Nate drove, so I drank. We were both exhausted when we got home and took a nap. I didn’t wake up until 10:30 p.m. My Saturday night was dunzo. We still had to make an appearance at Zach’s birthday party that night. I couldn’t make it. Nate ended up going while I stayed home and watched Friends reruns.

Sunday was my friend, Deya’s bridal shower! It was so much fun. I got to catch up with old sorority sisters and meet new friends all while seeing Deya in a silly veil and sash. During present time, I volunteered (as Tribute) to make the bow bouquet (AKA “fou-quet”). It’s common tradition for brides to use bow bouquets from bridal shower presents at their wedding rehearsal. I had just been to my cousin-in-law’s bridal shower a month or so ago and watched her experienced wedding planner make hers, so I figured I might be able to take a stab at it. I must say I’m pretty impressed with the end result.


Deya all decked out

I’m so excited for this wedding! I love this couple so much and couldn’t be happier for them. Stay tuned for that posting in June. Also, my gift to them was a blanket, so I am excited to have another project to work on!


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