My Cinco de Mayo Weekend

8 May

It didn’t occur to me until the end of this week that I never posted about my Cinco de Mayo weekend. It was a very good one considering my life circumstances (which will be in a later post). I was ready to party!

On Friday night my friend, Blake had a Cinco de Mayo party. It was so cute! He made authentic (because he is mexican) burritos, homemade salsa and churros. His boyfriend, Chris made really cute sombrero cookies that ended up looking like boobs. Nate had a prior engagement and had to meet up with me later, so I got to arrive alone and meet a lot of new people for a while. May favorite person was the cat, Frankie. Duh.

photo-6Gotta say the award winning margarita combo is: tequila, margarita mix, fresh squeezed lime, and Squirt soda! Yuuum. Can’t even taste the extra tequila 😉

The first weekend of May is engraved in everyone at my alma mater’s brains to be the weekend of the annual festival. I used to look forward to that weekend all year. The alumni usually come and reunite for the main show of the weekend. This year there was no way I was going to miss it because the one and only Sugar Ray was performing. I guess Mark McGrath’s children are attending the preschool now.

The 3rd grader in me was ecstatic. It was only a decade and a half ago that students were lip syncing to their music at a pep rally. And now we get to see the real deal! FO FREE!

sugar ray 2

sugar ray

Yep, that’s how close I was!!! So much fun. Not to mention all the free beer I got from old comrades that were happy to see me. Oh, the perks of Catholic school.



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