A Musical Birthday Weekend

12 May

My weekend pretty much stared on Thursday night. Nate got us into one of his clients, Yuna’s concert at The Troubadour. If you haven’t checked her out, you need to! Her voice is so beautiful and classic, yet her music is modern. She’s already huge in Malaysia. It’s so fun to see what she wears because she is Muslim and follows the “rules,” yet still looks trendy.


Friday night was another concert night! Our good friends in Back Pocket Memory and Culprit were performing. Nate goes way back with all of those dudes. They’ve all been in other bands together and worked together for years, creating a beautiful network of friends. This show was at The Lyric Theater. I’ve never been there before, but I will definitely be going back. When you walk in, you are in a room of all grass like the below. Then you walk into the show room. It has an Alice in Wonderland-y theme with picture frames and mirrors, etc. I liked the size of the venue. It was intimate, but not cramped. I also liked that when you get a tall-boy beer at the bar, they put it in a paper bag. Super cute and saves your finger tips from freezing!

The grassy room

The grassy room


Back Pocket Memory showing off their new songs

Culprit getting it on

Culprit getting it on

My stab at taking an artsy picture

My stab at taking an artsy picture

Then we get to Saturday! It was my birthday BBQ in Nate’s mom’s backyard. I can’t thank them enough for making my birthday so special! We had all my friends coming and going from 2pm-11pm. I just got to hang out with all my friends, eat, and day drink while Nate took care of practically everything. Such a good bf <3. Birthdays are amazing because it reminds you how much you are loved.

I made Betty Crocker's double chocolate cupcakes with Funfetti's purple frosting. Super simple yet super cute!

I made Betty Crocker’s double chocolate cupcakes with Funfetti’s purple frosting. Super simple yet super cute!

Nate, me, Megan 1, Megan 2, Jon

Nate, me, Megan 1, Megan 2, Jon


The laid back vibe. My brother brought me those purple balloons ❤


Pretty flowers from Meggie

Then Sunday was Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is funny because my mom gives me gifts for my birthday and then I give her gifts for Mother’s Day, and it’s basically our own holiday to celebrate each other. My mom was super thoughtful and decided that she was going to take the family to Buffalo Wild Wings (one of my faves) for my birthday dinner/Mother’s Day celebration. Little did we know the demographic in her side of town was way different than the demographic at the restaurant I’m used to going to. Who lets children run around in a sports bar?! For your enjoyment, here is a throwback picture of my mommy and me.

90's much?

90’s much?


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