Ins and Outs

14 May

I haven’t had a personal update in a long time (besides my drunken weekends). Here’s a peek of what’s been going on:


No more 405 commute- That’s right, I’m out of the PR world. I’ve decided that there is no way that I could focus on my masters while immersed in the drama of needy clients. I needed a job that I could come into and leave when my shift is up. And with better hours. It’s bitter sweet that I was laid off days before I was going to put in my notice, but it only validates my decision.

Midweek chores- Can I tell you how amazing it is to not be scrambling with the rest of the world to do my laundry and grocery shopping on the weekends?! I have a life again!

Sparkle and Wine!- More time to focus on my blog. I made business cards to network and promote this site. They are super cute and super sparkly!

Generation Beauty- I get to go to Generation Beauty later this month! For those of you who do not know, it is a beauty blogger/YouTuber convention where you get tons of products and tips. I’m so excited to bring back what I learn to Sparkle and Wine!

Reading for fun- I just finished a book in under a week. That hasn’t happened in over a year since my eyes have been so tired after working all day. It’s like a whole new world for my eyes now that I can read for longer periods of time! (Book review coming soon!)

Crocheting- I’ve mentioned before, but I’m making a beautiful blanket for my friends who are getting married, Deya and Kevin. I’m so excited to see the finished product.

NAPS- Oh naps, how I’ve missed you. The one thing I loved most about the college years… I had a psychic tell me that I enjoy sleeping so much because I enjoy dreaming so much. And it’s true! I remember more dreams than anyone else I talk to. I learn a lot from them too. I know it’s a Freudian theory, but I find it at least partially true.


Family Trees- The combination of trying to get my 87 year-old Grandma to remember something and drawing the maze-like side of my mom’s family is way too much to ask of me for this class that I am in. It is taking me longer than if I were to just write the 7 page paper option. Ay me…

Uniforms- I was in private school for 13 years and I thought my uniform days were over! At least I’m used to it.. The only complaint about this particular one is that I can’t wear nail polish! This is going to be very trying, but at least I have nails on my toes that no one can see 🙂

Odd hours- It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s nice when I can get things done in the middle of the week, but I’ll definitely  feel it when I have to miss social gatherings on the weekends or time with Nate.

Being in transition- Until school starts, I’m going to have this weird unsure feeling in my tummy. I hate not knowing if I’ve gone the right way or will be secure :/


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