Warped Tour 2014 | Ventura Fair Grounds

26 Jun

I only found out a few days prior that I got in to Warped Tour fo free! Oh the perks of having a boyfriend in the biz. This was our first Warped Tour together! Also my first time being legally allowed in the beer garden. Celebratory pic below. =^.^=


We went with his coworker, Rob. Traffic was ridic. But apparently we got there right before it got nasty bad. Apparently their coworker, Rachel (who took the pic below!) had to park super far away and taxi over to the venue.


It was fun going back and forth from the beach to the festivities. We needed quiet breaks in between seeing the bands we wanted to.


That lot is where the tour buses are. Literally feet from the sand!

The first band we saw (that we wanted to see) was Saves The Day. They/he is so good!

My creepy angle through the equipment

My creepy angle through the equipment

There were a lot of surprise bands performing. Mostly surprise for me because I didn’t look up who was playing prior to the day of. Linkin Park and Anberlin played at the SAME TIME. The people were pissed. I got to see a little bit of Linkin Park when I was waiting for the bathroom. We decided to watch Anberlin because their time as a band is limited. They did not disappoint. I wasn’t really a fan before, but I think I am now, which sucks now that they are planning on splitting up.


Here is a pic of Nate and I with the singer of Bad Rabbits. If you haven’t heard of this band, you should really check them out! Super sexy jams.


Ignore my mid-blink

We were able to get onstage and watch them perform. They do not disappoint live! They have coordinated dance moves and all. super fun.

I could've ran up and danced with them. I seriously thought about it.

I could’ve ran up and danced with them. I seriously thought about it.

We were able to get on stage for Less Than Jake as well, but it was super crowded. The crowd was even more insane. I did not want to be down among the moshing!


It was a blast but we were sooo exhausted afterwards. After a few mins at In-N-Out and a mandatory cat-sitting stop, we could not get to bed faster! Of course this guy was happy to see me!

Zoolander Mugatu hair

Zoolander Mugatu hair



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  1. Marci June 27, 2014 at 2:55 am #

    Your fan, milo, should blog about you!

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