Quick Knit/Crochet Project | Koozies!

17 Jul

Koozies have been my go-to quick crochet project for host/ hostess gifts, present toppers, etc. They only take 30 min-2 hours depending if I knit or crochet, the yarn, hook size, etc. Every single one I have eye-balled the size and wrapped it around beer cans or bottles to get the exact chain numbers. If it’s too small, it stretches. If it’s too big, it can be loose or go around cups, whatever. It’s something that shows thought, yet you don’t have to spend money (if you have extra yarn laying around like me).

#bleedblue yo

#bleedblue yo

Here is one that I made for a friend of Nate and mine that is moving from LA to Montana. Attending Dodger games and discussions about the team over beers have been a big part of our friendship. I decided to make it the home uniform colors of blue on white to remind him that LA is always his home! I don’t usually embroider my koozies, but the LA symbol didn’t look hard. FYI if you are a perfectionist about details like me, it takes about 2 hours all together, and it was pretty hard to double up over the symbol and avoid white yarn stripes through the symbol.  It turned out pretty good though!


One Response to “Quick Knit/Crochet Project | Koozies!”

  1. Corienne Cotter July 17, 2014 at 1:57 am #

    What a terrific idea! And, you did a great job! Good work, Em!

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