Book Review | Before I Fall By Lauren Oliver

23 Jul


It wasn’t until I was trying to find a picture of “Before I Fall” that I realized the author, Lauren Oliver is the same author of the Delirium trilogy. Looking back, I think that the voices in the trilogy compared to this book seem completely different, so you go, Lauren Oliver (“You go Glenn Coco”- Sorry I’m in a weird mood). “Before I Fall” is about a girl who is “popular” in high school and dies in a car accident her senior year. I quoted “popular” because after she dies, she relives her last day seven times and realizes that even though she was “popular,” she did some very uncool things. Throughout reliving her last day, she figures out how intertwined everything is- think The Butterfly Effect, and how even the most subtle details can save or ruin someone’s life. I definitely recommend this book for high schoolers as a cautionary tale or lesson, but seeing as I am a bit more mature now I could see the predictability of it. I did enjoy reading the main character’s inner monologues about the way things are in high school and how to get by without “committing social suicide” (another Mean Girls reference- do I need to watch that now?). Oh the memories it brought back. The ones I would never want to relive, let alone seven times.


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