The “Grad School Budget”

1 Aug

I decided to blog my feelings as they come, so forgive me if this sounds like I’m not making any sense.. I’ve been prepped for “the college budget” earlier on, but no one ever warned me about “the grad school budget.” It’s like the world is saying “Sorry, you won’t have enough time for a full-time job what with all of the classes, homework, and internships, so welcome back to your high school work hours with minimum wage because you aren’t here enough to prove that you are better than the average worker. Also, let’s add in the responsibilities of rent, utilities, other bills you have not had to pay for in the past because you were able to piggyback onto your parents’ health coverage and now you are at the expected age to be able to afford it on your own. And you SHOULD be able to afford it on your own by this age. How long must your parents wait to retire because YOU decided that you wanted to do something? Supporting you well into your 20’s was not in their plan when they decided to bring you into the world. Not to mention, you are older now and need to dress accordingly with more respectable- thus more expensive clothes, and just meeting your friends will not suffice for a worthy friendship unless there are lavish brunches and alcohol involved. All the while, you need to pay for said grad school, or else you’re screwed with school debt when you leave and won’t be able to afford the future you have always wanted for an additional few decades.”

“Sorry future children, mom’s an old toad because she couldn’t afford to have you earlier in life. See, she wanted to be successful and follow her dreams so that she doesn’t end up with a miserable job, but it turns out the whole process is miserable as she prays every month that some kind family member will take pity on her situation or she will come into some kind of lucky jackpot to get her through the next few months. But at the same time she knows she is fortunate as hell to even have the support system and resources that she does because if she were one of those unfortunate public schooled children who had to rely on the government from the start, it didn’t matter if her dream was to become a doctor or help people, she would be shit out of luck to even attend grad school unless she would be willing to spend the rest of her life paying a huge chunk of her earnings back.”

The current generation is not set up to succeed. If one decides to follow an educational path that calls for school after college, they are screwed unless they come from a family that can afford to fully support the individual through school. It is unfortunate because if we were to one day only have doctors that came from such fortune, there would essentially be no empathy or compassion from past experiences and earlier on in life, as they have only been privileged and lack a sort of identification with the people they are helping.

I probably will not keep this post up long, as I do not want this to turn into some kind of political argument. That being said, if anyone knows of any jobs with flexible hours and good pay that I can pursue to help me “beat the system” and come out with my head above water as I am going through school, it would be much appreciated.



4 Responses to “The “Grad School Budget””

  1. Corienne Cotter August 2, 2014 at 12:00 am #

    You do know your folks can carry you on health plan to age 26, right? And, if Elizabeth Warren prevails, students wouldn’t have to pay more interest on loans than corporations do.

    • emmajaegle August 2, 2014 at 1:21 am #

      I can’t be on a retired insurance plan. Also, I don’t need student loans.

  2. Stanley Cotter August 2, 2014 at 5:25 pm #

    One solution is to start by consulting with your graduate school’s career guidance counselor. For a promising candidate like yourself, there may be a variety of scholarships available that you can apply for. There may also be part time campus jobs that fit your previous employment record. You have the right stuff to realize your potentials, so don’t get discouraged before you start. Love, Papa Stan

    • emmajaegle August 8, 2014 at 12:18 am #

      Thanks Papa! Unfortunately they can only offer unpaid internships, and scholarships are only available to minorities or research projects. Not losing hope though! ❤

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