In’s & Out’s

1 Sep

Welp, I’ve been in graduate school for less than 1 week and I’m already super overwhelmed not only with the workload, but with financial stress as well. I’m about halfway through reading the 100 pages of boring research articles  I had set out for today and realized that I have not blogged in quite some time. I decided to utilize my little break to give an update.


– Nate’s birthday month! It’s been such a blast doing all this fun stuff. We’ve wine tasted in Paso Robles, gone to a Dodger game, had a big BBQ party with all of our friends, went to a Paramore and Fall Out Boy concert,multiple family gathering celebrations, the list goes on.

-Let’s stay on the topic of Nate. He’s amazing. Especially lately with all that has been going on.

-Central A/C. Can’t be thankful enough these days.

-Finally started the journey of graduate school! Already counting down to when I’ll be out and a psychologist!

-The jacuzzi in my building. I’ve actually started to put it to use and it’s helped with my knees tremendously. Ever since I’ve started working manual labor, I’ve turned into an old rickety lady.

-Nate’s work has moved to Sherman Oaks! No more commuting for him, and no more super late dinner! Also maybe some midweek lunches!

– Actually really enjoying the new Ed Sheeran EP. Am I the only one that misses the singer/songwriter era?!

-Smokey brown/golden eye makeup. It’s a nice break from the glam cat eye. A more soft beachy vibe.

-Not to disregard the last bullet, but Benefit’s new “They’re Real” Push-up Eyeliner Pen is AMAZING for a quick and concise cat eye.

-Pretty Little Liars. HOLY COW it’s gotten good again. But 2 more seasons? Come on. I’m getting old here.



-Hourly pay. Not only that but after taxes, it makes me want to cry. Nothing is more frustrating than the fact that I work my butt off for a paycheck that doesn’t even cover my rent, serving people who have nothing better to do than give me problems because they are mentally ill and don’t have to go to work because they are getting more money than I get paid in disability or unemployment. And isn’t it ironic that I am in school to eventually help them?! Not to mention that the tax money that gets taken away from me goes to them too. ANYWAYS…

-Homework ruins the concept of a day off.

-Bell peppers. WHY DO YOU HATE ME NOW

-PMS. I thought it didn’t exist until recently. Joke’s on me.


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