My Dream Jobs

6 Oct

It’s hard to actually make time for work while I’m in graduate school. I feel that with my set of early hours for work, I spend the rest of my time focusing on recharging myself. I’ve come up with a random list of dream jobs that I wish I could be doing and making lots of money with in order to focus more on school and myself. Hey, it’s called a dream job for a reason, right?


1. Katy Perry’s backup dancer

I recently went to Katy Perry’s concert and I must say it was MAGICAL. This was when the first dream job occurred in my head. The backup dancers not only get to hang out with Katy and perform in front of millions of people in a psychadelic magic show, but they get to do fun things such as fly and dress up like a cat. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’d have SO much fun doing that! My only schtick is the traveling- I’m not big on that. So my actual dream job would be only doing her CA shows. California Girls forever ❤


2. Selfie Consultant

Before posting that selfie, send me a quick picture text. I’ll analyze if it’s an appropriate time to post yet another selfie, or maybe let you know if you should post a few other pics first. No one wants their feeds flooded with your face. Also, maybe your nipple is showing or the lighting is terrible. Thank God for me!


3. Professional Pinner

Have an event coming up? Want to redecorate a room? How about just needing general ideas for recipes or your lifestyle? Just give me a call and I can create a whole board for you to get your inspiration rolling! It will save you some time from hours of scrolling, and enable me to partake in my guilty pleasure. This way I can make boards for people’s weddings without freaking out Nate! jk 🙂


4. A Coyote Ugly Girl

Ok, honestly I just saw that movie and thought it looked like fun. For like one night.

gift box

5. The Perfect Gift Shopper

Ask anyone I know- I have a knack for finding the perfect gift! And I love shopping! Just let me know details about the person and their interests, and I can come up with a bunch of gift ideas for them! Perfect for Christmas time, right?!


6. YouTuber

This is completely impossible to do now, unless you have some viral video. But the dream job I’m talking about is the one that gets paid ridiculous amounts of money to review brand name products that get sent to them for free, and then randomly vlog some of their days. #jealous


7. Fortune Cookie Writer

This exists! I mean how easy would it be to sit down and come up with a few fortunes at a time? All I have to do is turn on a trippy documentary and they’ll come rolling in!


8. Swag Model

The name I created sounds way cooler than it actually is. Basically, pay me to wear your company’s swag (ie. shirts, bracelets, hats, etc.)  I’ll plan where I go when I wear it to appeal to your audiences. School, the mall, the grocery store, parties, studying at Starbucks, the gym, the options are endless.



2 Responses to “My Dream Jobs”

  1. Alice Percival November 6, 2014 at 1:23 pm #

    These are all brilliant! Would definitely enjoy doing most of these:P


  1. alice and the looking glass - November 18, 2014

    […] the mean time why not check out this awesome post from SparkleandWine which made me smile a great […]

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