Salt Baths

8 Oct

I’ve talked about how important salt baths are to me before, but it has been a while, so I thought I would reiterate and add to my preachings.


Epsom and Sea salt baths have many benefits scientifically  proven. It replenishes your magnesium levels which helps your enzymes work and eliminate toxins, prevents inflection, inflammation, relaxes your muscles, all this super good stuff for you. Google it if you want a more scientific explanation. I’m more interested in how it releases toxins.

For those of you who don’t know, I visit psychics and holistic specialists fairly often. I was taught that since I tend to carry my own and others’ emotions with me, it would be good to release the toxins that build up through salt baths. How do emotions become toxins? Well our bodies are 90% water and water takes on energy. Therefore, anxious energy can end up flowing through you. I’m particularly bad where I will physically feel other people’s pain before I even know that they are in pain. Just call me a reversed human voodoo doll! Especially with practicing psychology in school, I already feel myself needing to detox regularly. The psychic told me that it also helps to clear my chakras. I don’t know everything about chakras, but I do know that I can actually feel when the one in my chest needs to be detoxed. I can best describe it as it gets a heavy, guilt-like, anxious feeling when I know I have no particular reason to feel that way.

You’re supposed to take salt baths for 40 minutes- 20 to detox and 20 to take in the good ingredients. Honestly if I do the whole 40 minutes, my body is so physically exhausted afterwards. I don’t think it’s particularly good to get completely free of all toxins because then the first few that come into your body could throw you completely out of balance again. It’s the same theory as people who need to sanitize their hands every few minutes. A little dirt helps your body remember how to fight it off!

There’s also concerns about keeping up with this while there is a drought. Today I drew a shallow bath and used a cup to cleanse my chakras. It’s still like 100 degrees in LA so I didn’t mind not being fulling engulfed in a hot tub of water.

You also might want to hit two birds with one stone and add some aromatherapy to the mix. Lavender, vanilla, jasmine oils/salt, etc help reduce stress and ease you to sleep at night. Lemon, orange, or nutmeg scents will perk you up. If you want to work on something physically or mentally, there’s probably an oil that can help. (more info:



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