My 2014

2 Jan

Wow. I have been challenged this year in so many different avenues, but I have come out much stronger with a clear sense of direction on where my life is going. I wouldn’t change this year for anything, but I also probably wouldn’t repeat it. One thing I regret about this year is how I have blogged so infrequently, and for that I apologize to you- whoever is reading this. I can only hope to create more time for this outlet in the new year. I decided to give you a rundown of all the craziness that has happened. This is mostly for my own reflection and benefit, of course. I broke it down by categories and even reflected back to my horoscope predictions for 2014. It’s pretty interesting how accurate it was!


The first half of my year, I was still a publicist in an unpleasant working environment. A few changes happened in May that made my path switch directions. I knew that I wanted to go to graduate school to pursue my true dream to be a therapist. From the same school alone I had been rejected, put on a prerequisite probation, and shortly after what I had thought was another rejection, I had been called with an acceptance offer. That alone was a roller coaster. I simply had to obtain an A or B in the most trying online, 6 weeks statistics class and I was in. In the same few months I had been laid off the same day that I was planning to quit that horrid job, and started a new one– an hourly minimum wage service job. Talk about backtracking! But I was much happier there knowing that I was on to better, brighter things.

After spending at least 20 hours a week teaching myself statistics and even at one point found myself working on my laptop in a near fetal position doing homework on an airplane, it was down to the final test to see if I had actually passed. I did. It was probably the happiest moment of my year. I could officially start the journey of graduate school.

My first semester of my graduate program has been more than anything that I had dreamt of. Not only was I learning things that kept me captivated, but I have learned a great deal about myself already through the group therapies and reflections from class lessons. One thing that pleasantly took me by surprise about my program is the people that are in it. I’ve been making FRIENDS! With common interests! People who I feel understand me for all my weirdness. Because they are all so similar to myself. I finally found people who would never question my antics because they actually can see where it all comes from without explaination.

Looking back on my horoscope’s prediction for my career in 2014, it said “The first half of the year shall bring in major changes in your career. And the second half shall help you to consolidate your interests.” Accurate much?


I’ll start with the horoscope prediction for this one. “You shall learn a new meaning for love and relationships during this year of 2014. Your perspective of love shall change for your better.  Learn to adapt to the needs and deeds of your partner during this time. Give and take is your keyword for this time period. Avoid misunderstandings and be committed to your partner. Feel free and venture into leisure activities with him/ her. Be flexible in your approach to your partner and give them full freedom and independence in their personal life. Of, course they need their breathing space as well. Try not to smother him/ her too much by your emotions.”

I feel that I had wholeheartedly made that prediction come true. My relationship with Nate was tested in the beginning of the year and I feel that we passed with flying colors. This year I realized that though I could live without him, I would never want to. Especially this year with all of the career and life changes, vacations, events and weddings attended, we observed how much joy and enhancement we bring to each other’s lives. This isn’t just another relationship- we established that we are hoping it is THE relationship, a step that neither of us has taken before. I like to think of it as my garden that I try to tend to every day and it has become this beautiful wonderland of blossoms and blooms (as cheesy as that sounds).


How many times was I sick this year? I can’t even count. Clearly it was due to all of the stresses that I have endured with finances, school, my job, etc. It has really brought to my attention the importance of self care. I’ve always been good about taking it easy, but now I know that simply is not enough. I need to make sure that I am eating the right kinds of food and taking the right supplements to prevent future immune system failures. I’ve really gotten to know how fragile my immune system is and I know that for my own health, some more changes in my life need to be made which I am in the process of fixing already. It’s mostly just a matter of finding another job where I can have regular sleeping hours and be able to find ways to cook for myself more. Maybe more exercise or yoga will help too.

Here’s my health horoscope. Clearly it “told me so.” There are some questionable grammatical choices in it though.. “Do not try to take your health as taken for granted this year. Else you need to spend a lot mending your health condition. Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?. Go in for some physical exercises that help to tone your muscles and keep you fit as a fiddle. Beware of what you eat and drink for this time period. It might take a toll on your health. It is the best time to rebalance your diet for your betterment. Some nervous troubles and muscular pains are probable during the first half of the year.”

I think the lesson of this post is that I need to pay closer attention to my 2015 horoscope. As I mentioned earlier, I feel so much stronger after this past year and feel ready to take on the next with more knowledge and faith that things really do turn out the way that best suits you in the long run. If you’ve read this post this far, I’d love to know. You must be really special in my life 🙂


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  1. The Momma January 2, 2015 at 4:17 am #

    One step forward, to the side, to the side…do the dance!

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