My 2015 Resolutions

2 Jan

I’m not amazing at keeping resolutions and because I know this, I’m not going to hold myself to them. It’s great to set goals for yourself every now and then though, and so this is more of that kind of thing. I’m even thinking about making an inspiration board to look at daily and remind myself of the things I would like to do.

1. Drink more water. It was Nate’s resolution last year that I kind of rode on behind him, and I figured that it’s always good to drink more water so why stop there?

2. Practice more mindfulness. Yoga, meditation, baths, writing, etc. I need to do more of that because it makes me feel centered.

3. Blog more. I’m putting a reminder on my inspiration board, promise! I also want to venture to topics other than beauty, but I’m not sure what exactly…

4. Watch Friends on Netflix consecutively from start to finish with Nate. I’ve done this unknowingly nightly on TBS years ago. That show is such a comfort to me and so much apart of how I was raised (as weird as that may sound?), and I just want to share it with Nate because he hasn’t had that full Friends experience.

5. Cook more. And healthy too, duh!

6. New job, hopefully a paid internship in the field. Regardless it is my goal to be able to financially support myself and feel comfortable because Lord knows this last year was a freak show.

7. Keep it up with school!

8. Every day I want to do something for someone that I care about to show that I care whether it be a note or words or encouragement or what have you.

9. Go to Hawaii and or Vegas this year

I think that’s basically it….. maybe if my inspiration board looks cool I’ll post a picture.


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