DIY Poo-Pourri

5 Nov


I’m sure by now you all have heard of the famous Poo-Pourri that can magically eliminate the stench of your fecal matter. Goodbye sprays that just smell like grandma’s perfume on top of shit! But what sucks is that they all cost $15-$25. But have no fear, I’ve found a recipe that can beat the system!


Step 1: Acquire a handheld spray bottle. These are commonly found at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. for super cheap


Step 2: Mix about 1-2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, a little vial of essential oils (the scent of your choice! I personally think peppermint smells the cleanest), and top off the rest of the spray bottle with water.

Step 3: Spray over toilet bowl before pooping.



Younique 3D Fiber Mascara | Review

3 Nov

Guys. This stuff is seriously a MUST. Goodbye forever, false lashes! No longer will I have to struggle with glue, crooked lashes, or premature fall-off. I now can make my own lashes look fake!

I came across Younique through my friend, Julie who sells it (it’s a company similar to Mary Kay or Avon). I decided to join and be a seller so that I can purchase my own products at a discount and get some side cash from social selling if people notice my fab lashes.


It also comes in a cute hard case!

Younique’s 3D FIber Lashes are all natural. The transplanting gel is basically this beeswax that never dries out. and then there is a tube of nylon fibers. You can make a natural looking long lash with one or two coats, or go all out like me for the super glam look.


Here are my lashes with 3 coats on

I love that 1) it never dries out so I can wear it for special occasions only if I want. , 2) it’s all natural and does not damage your real lashes anyway whatsoever, 3) it’s so simple to apply, 4) I get no fallout until I wash it off at the end of the day! It’s super easy to wash off too because it’s just beeswax and fiber on top of your regular mascara. PLUS it’s tear proof! Trust me, it’s been tested in my group therapy class!


My regular mascara on the left, 3D on the right


3D lashes on the left, regular mascara on the right 🙂

I know the price is a little steep- I usually go for drugstore over name brands. But this stuff is def worth the investment because of how long it lasts and does not dry out. I’m still on my first tubes and it’s been over 2 months of every day use!

If you are interested in purchasing and know me personally, you can contact me and we can meet up with one of my stock. Just bring me $32 ($29+ tax & shipping)

ORRR you can order some here from my webpage:

I also really recommend looking at tutorials on YouTube for how to apply, or else follow the directions that come in the case. I’m thinking about making my own demo video too…


I’m also really loving the eyeshadow pigments! They are all natural-just like BareMinerals, yet the colors have the opaqueness of Mac. and get this- they’re only $10 each! My mom likes that they come in matte because she hates shimmer, but I love the shimmer and it stays on pretty well 🙂

Salt Baths

8 Oct

I’ve talked about how important salt baths are to me before, but it has been a while, so I thought I would reiterate and add to my preachings.


Epsom and Sea salt baths have many benefits scientifically  proven. It replenishes your magnesium levels which helps your enzymes work and eliminate toxins, prevents inflection, inflammation, relaxes your muscles, all this super good stuff for you. Google it if you want a more scientific explanation. I’m more interested in how it releases toxins.

For those of you who don’t know, I visit psychics and holistic specialists fairly often. I was taught that since I tend to carry my own and others’ emotions with me, it would be good to release the toxins that build up through salt baths. How do emotions become toxins? Well our bodies are 90% water and water takes on energy. Therefore, anxious energy can end up flowing through you. I’m particularly bad where I will physically feel other people’s pain before I even know that they are in pain. Just call me a reversed human voodoo doll! Especially with practicing psychology in school, I already feel myself needing to detox regularly. The psychic told me that it also helps to clear my chakras. I don’t know everything about chakras, but I do know that I can actually feel when the one in my chest needs to be detoxed. I can best describe it as it gets a heavy, guilt-like, anxious feeling when I know I have no particular reason to feel that way.

You’re supposed to take salt baths for 40 minutes- 20 to detox and 20 to take in the good ingredients. Honestly if I do the whole 40 minutes, my body is so physically exhausted afterwards. I don’t think it’s particularly good to get completely free of all toxins because then the first few that come into your body could throw you completely out of balance again. It’s the same theory as people who need to sanitize their hands every few minutes. A little dirt helps your body remember how to fight it off!

There’s also concerns about keeping up with this while there is a drought. Today I drew a shallow bath and used a cup to cleanse my chakras. It’s still like 100 degrees in LA so I didn’t mind not being fulling engulfed in a hot tub of water.

You also might want to hit two birds with one stone and add some aromatherapy to the mix. Lavender, vanilla, jasmine oils/salt, etc help reduce stress and ease you to sleep at night. Lemon, orange, or nutmeg scents will perk you up. If you want to work on something physically or mentally, there’s probably an oil that can help. (more info:


My Dream Jobs

6 Oct

It’s hard to actually make time for work while I’m in graduate school. I feel that with my set of early hours for work, I spend the rest of my time focusing on recharging myself. I’ve come up with a random list of dream jobs that I wish I could be doing and making lots of money with in order to focus more on school and myself. Hey, it’s called a dream job for a reason, right?


1. Katy Perry’s backup dancer

I recently went to Katy Perry’s concert and I must say it was MAGICAL. This was when the first dream job occurred in my head. The backup dancers not only get to hang out with Katy and perform in front of millions of people in a psychadelic magic show, but they get to do fun things such as fly and dress up like a cat. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’d have SO much fun doing that! My only schtick is the traveling- I’m not big on that. So my actual dream job would be only doing her CA shows. California Girls forever ❤


2. Selfie Consultant

Before posting that selfie, send me a quick picture text. I’ll analyze if it’s an appropriate time to post yet another selfie, or maybe let you know if you should post a few other pics first. No one wants their feeds flooded with your face. Also, maybe your nipple is showing or the lighting is terrible. Thank God for me!


3. Professional Pinner

Have an event coming up? Want to redecorate a room? How about just needing general ideas for recipes or your lifestyle? Just give me a call and I can create a whole board for you to get your inspiration rolling! It will save you some time from hours of scrolling, and enable me to partake in my guilty pleasure. This way I can make boards for people’s weddings without freaking out Nate! jk 🙂


4. A Coyote Ugly Girl

Ok, honestly I just saw that movie and thought it looked like fun. For like one night.

gift box

5. The Perfect Gift Shopper

Ask anyone I know- I have a knack for finding the perfect gift! And I love shopping! Just let me know details about the person and their interests, and I can come up with a bunch of gift ideas for them! Perfect for Christmas time, right?!


6. YouTuber

This is completely impossible to do now, unless you have some viral video. But the dream job I’m talking about is the one that gets paid ridiculous amounts of money to review brand name products that get sent to them for free, and then randomly vlog some of their days. #jealous


7. Fortune Cookie Writer

This exists! I mean how easy would it be to sit down and come up with a few fortunes at a time? All I have to do is turn on a trippy documentary and they’ll come rolling in!


8. Swag Model

The name I created sounds way cooler than it actually is. Basically, pay me to wear your company’s swag (ie. shirts, bracelets, hats, etc.)  I’ll plan where I go when I wear it to appeal to your audiences. School, the mall, the grocery store, parties, studying at Starbucks, the gym, the options are endless.


September Favorites :)

1 Oct

Hello Lovelies! I know it’s been so long since my last post. I have started grad school and been dealing with all new forms of torture to my body by the ultimate enemy- stress. Now that I finished a bunch of projects that were due, I finally have time to share MY SEPTEMBER FAVES!



Cargo HD Picture-Perfect Mascara

Another great Ipsy gift bag product I got to try. This stuff is like Benefit’s Their Real mascara, but better because it doesn’t dry out nearly as fast, and there’s long combs on 2 sides, and short combs on the other 2 sides. The short combs make it so easy to get up in there on those tiny inner lashes for full coverage. Also I love that the bristles are strong and comb-like because it helps separate my lashes. It’s amazing for layering different mascaras. I’ve been layering it with the one below…


Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara

“Bigger. Blacker. Badder.” Ok, really? What a PERVERTED tag line! And yet so genius… Anyways, this mascara definitely does what it says. My lashes were instantly suuuuper thick. It also does a good job at lengthening, but I highly recommend keeping another brush on hand (such as the one I mentioned above) to separate clumps. Thicker lashes tend to stick together!


(Image stolen from some random blog via Google)

Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeliner in Purple/Violet

I never thought I’d see the day when I would revisit the cheapo brand from my naive middle school makeup days, but here I was on a grad school budget and low and behold Wet ‘n’ Wild had a sign saying something along the lines of “New and Improved Softer Formula” and I was sucked in. It was only 99 cents, so what did I have to lose? Let me tell you–get it! First of all, this is my all-time favorite color. When I put it on, it’s dark enough to be mistaken for a darker color, but in the light it turns heads! I wear it to work and have already influenced a coworker and a few customers to purchase their own. The formula is so much more impressive than the rock hard one I remember scratching my eyelids so vividly when I was 12 years old. This will definitely be one of my go-to Fall eyeliners!


Maybelline Define-A-Brow 

This is probably the closest thing in the drugstore to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. And it’s 1/4th of the price! All you have to do is go a shade darker than usual, and it’s a dupe! I went for my usual color at first and it got that lighter than the hair/ colored in look in the light. Once it’s the right shade, BAM. You’re welcome.


Married At First Sight

My boyfriend, Nate doesn’t tolerate reality t.v. (I don’t know how he lives with me), and even he got sucked into this show! It’s probably one of the only true, unscripted reality television shows out there right now. It’s a real social experiment based on science and psychological theories. September has been the most intense as they have been nearing the end of their first month as legally married couples and have to decide on the show if they are going to divorce or remain married for the foreseeable future. 2 out of the 3 couples actually stayed married! Out of however many people tried out for the experiment, I would say that is incredible! I can’t wait for next season to see if the theories stick.


“The Last Anniversary” by Liane Moriarty

You’re all probably so sick of me recommending this author but I CAN’T GET ENOUGH! This book is my second or third favorite after “The Hypnotist’s Love Story.” This story is about a woman in her late thirties who unexpectedly inherits her ex boyfriend’s late aunt’s house. She gets wrapped into helping run their family business of maintaining a mystery tourist attraction and indubitably gets involved in the family secrets and drama. It’s one of those books that I enjoyed and I know my mom would too. When it was ending, I wanted more!


The Dodgers!

I’ll admit it- Nate got me hooked. But it’s such an exciting season, and going to the games is so much fun! I’m so excited that Kershaw is going to be a daddy. It’s going to be like the royal baby of baseball. This Saturday I’ll be going to my 5th(?) game this season. Playoffs, baby!


Carl Jung

AKA my psychologist soulmate. I just did a big presentation on him and I’ve got to say he’s a genius. Though he had weird beliefs about Hitler and women, there are so many synchronicities about my life and him that is so crazy! (Even the fact that he developed the theory of synchronicity and it’s something that I’ve believed in most of my life, I just called it “fate”). First of all, my love for psychology started when I was interested in dreams at age 10. Turns out all my old dream books referenced him. Then, he married a woman named Emma, HELLO! Also he developed the personality types that were later merged into the Myers-Briggs test. I wouldn’t even be in this masters program if I didn’t look up what professions an INFJ should have when I was miserable in PR!  And lastly, he kind of looks like Nate’s dad. Not sure how that relates, but I take it as a sign of something!

In’s & Out’s

1 Sep

Welp, I’ve been in graduate school for less than 1 week and I’m already super overwhelmed not only with the workload, but with financial stress as well. I’m about halfway through reading the 100 pages of boring research articles  I had set out for today and realized that I have not blogged in quite some time. I decided to utilize my little break to give an update.


– Nate’s birthday month! It’s been such a blast doing all this fun stuff. We’ve wine tasted in Paso Robles, gone to a Dodger game, had a big BBQ party with all of our friends, went to a Paramore and Fall Out Boy concert,multiple family gathering celebrations, the list goes on.

-Let’s stay on the topic of Nate. He’s amazing. Especially lately with all that has been going on.

-Central A/C. Can’t be thankful enough these days.

-Finally started the journey of graduate school! Already counting down to when I’ll be out and a psychologist!

-The jacuzzi in my building. I’ve actually started to put it to use and it’s helped with my knees tremendously. Ever since I’ve started working manual labor, I’ve turned into an old rickety lady.

-Nate’s work has moved to Sherman Oaks! No more commuting for him, and no more super late dinner! Also maybe some midweek lunches!

– Actually really enjoying the new Ed Sheeran EP. Am I the only one that misses the singer/songwriter era?!

-Smokey brown/golden eye makeup. It’s a nice break from the glam cat eye. A more soft beachy vibe.

-Not to disregard the last bullet, but Benefit’s new “They’re Real” Push-up Eyeliner Pen is AMAZING for a quick and concise cat eye.

-Pretty Little Liars. HOLY COW it’s gotten good again. But 2 more seasons? Come on. I’m getting old here.



-Hourly pay. Not only that but after taxes, it makes me want to cry. Nothing is more frustrating than the fact that I work my butt off for a paycheck that doesn’t even cover my rent, serving people who have nothing better to do than give me problems because they are mentally ill and don’t have to go to work because they are getting more money than I get paid in disability or unemployment. And isn’t it ironic that I am in school to eventually help them?! Not to mention that the tax money that gets taken away from me goes to them too. ANYWAYS…

-Homework ruins the concept of a day off.

-Bell peppers. WHY DO YOU HATE ME NOW

-PMS. I thought it didn’t exist until recently. Joke’s on me.

New Favorite Lip Gloss | NYX’s “Merengue Merengue”

8 Aug


I received a few NYX butter glosses in my IPSY goodies and the shade “Meregue Merengue” has gotten so many compliments that I had to post about it! It’s the perfect light purpley pink to look unique but not completely turn heads. I think it looks great with a tan (in this picture I’m not wearing any makeup- hence the extreme paleness.) The formula is pretty opaque, so I just have to make sure that the coat is even. It is super buttery and surprisingly non-sticky! Definitely recommend 🙂