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Review | Herbal Essences Conditioning Mousse

11 Mar


Herbal Essence has definitely made a treasure amongst the drugstore hair products. The mousse comes out heavier and thicker than most mousses that I have tried, so remember that a little goes a long way! As soon as I put this stuff in my hair it felt like it had been through a really good deep conditioning treatment. It did not take longer to dry, did not leave any grease, and my hair was shiny and defrizzed after my blow dry.  I find myself touching it throughout the day because it is so soft. And don’t get me started on THE SMELL!!! There’s coconut in there and it smells so tropical in a non-overwhelming way. I’m excited to use it again. The only concern is that the bottle is on the skinnier side compared to others such as Tresseme’s mousse.


Younique 3D Fiber Mascara | Review

3 Nov

Guys. This stuff is seriously a MUST. Goodbye forever, false lashes! No longer will I have to struggle with glue, crooked lashes, or premature fall-off. I now can make my own lashes look fake!

I came across Younique through my friend, Julie who sells it (it’s a company similar to Mary Kay or Avon). I decided to join and be a seller so that I can purchase my own products at a discount and get some side cash from social selling if people notice my fab lashes.


It also comes in a cute hard case!

Younique’s 3D FIber Lashes are all natural. The transplanting gel is basically this beeswax that never dries out. and then there is a tube of nylon fibers. You can make a natural looking long lash with one or two coats, or go all out like me for the super glam look.


Here are my lashes with 3 coats on

I love that 1) it never dries out so I can wear it for special occasions only if I want. , 2) it’s all natural and does not damage your real lashes anyway whatsoever, 3) it’s so simple to apply, 4) I get no fallout until I wash it off at the end of the day! It’s super easy to wash off too because it’s just beeswax and fiber on top of your regular mascara. PLUS it’s tear proof! Trust me, it’s been tested in my group therapy class!


My regular mascara on the left, 3D on the right


3D lashes on the left, regular mascara on the right 🙂

I know the price is a little steep- I usually go for drugstore over name brands. But this stuff is def worth the investment because of how long it lasts and does not dry out. I’m still on my first tubes and it’s been over 2 months of every day use!

If you are interested in purchasing and know me personally, you can contact me and we can meet up with one of my stock. Just bring me $32 ($29+ tax & shipping)

ORRR you can order some here from my webpage: www.youniqueproducts.com/EmmaPie

I also really recommend looking at tutorials on YouTube for how to apply, or else follow the directions that come in the case. I’m thinking about making my own demo video too…


I’m also really loving the eyeshadow pigments! They are all natural-just like BareMinerals, yet the colors have the opaqueness of Mac. and get this- they’re only $10 each! My mom likes that they come in matte because she hates shimmer, but I love the shimmer and it stays on pretty well 🙂

September Favorites :)

1 Oct

Hello Lovelies! I know it’s been so long since my last post. I have started grad school and been dealing with all new forms of torture to my body by the ultimate enemy- stress. Now that I finished a bunch of projects that were due, I finally have time to share MY SEPTEMBER FAVES!



Cargo HD Picture-Perfect Mascara

Another great Ipsy gift bag product I got to try. This stuff is like Benefit’s Their Real mascara, but better because it doesn’t dry out nearly as fast, and there’s long combs on 2 sides, and short combs on the other 2 sides. The short combs make it so easy to get up in there on those tiny inner lashes for full coverage. Also I love that the bristles are strong and comb-like because it helps separate my lashes. It’s amazing for layering different mascaras. I’ve been layering it with the one below…


Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara

“Bigger. Blacker. Badder.” Ok, really? What a PERVERTED tag line! And yet so genius… Anyways, this mascara definitely does what it says. My lashes were instantly suuuuper thick. It also does a good job at lengthening, but I highly recommend keeping another brush on hand (such as the one I mentioned above) to separate clumps. Thicker lashes tend to stick together!


(Image stolen from some random blog via Google)

Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeliner in Purple/Violet

I never thought I’d see the day when I would revisit the cheapo brand from my naive middle school makeup days, but here I was on a grad school budget and low and behold Wet ‘n’ Wild had a sign saying something along the lines of “New and Improved Softer Formula” and I was sucked in. It was only 99 cents, so what did I have to lose? Let me tell you–get it! First of all, this is my all-time favorite color. When I put it on, it’s dark enough to be mistaken for a darker color, but in the light it turns heads! I wear it to work and have already influenced a coworker and a few customers to purchase their own. The formula is so much more impressive than the rock hard one I remember scratching my eyelids so vividly when I was 12 years old. This will definitely be one of my go-to Fall eyeliners!


Maybelline Define-A-Brow 

This is probably the closest thing in the drugstore to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. And it’s 1/4th of the price! All you have to do is go a shade darker than usual, and it’s a dupe! I went for my usual color at first and it got that lighter than the hair/ colored in look in the light. Once it’s the right shade, BAM. You’re welcome.


Married At First Sight

My boyfriend, Nate doesn’t tolerate reality t.v. (I don’t know how he lives with me), and even he got sucked into this show! It’s probably one of the only true, unscripted reality television shows out there right now. It’s a real social experiment based on science and psychological theories. September has been the most intense as they have been nearing the end of their first month as legally married couples and have to decide on the show if they are going to divorce or remain married for the foreseeable future. 2 out of the 3 couples actually stayed married! Out of however many people tried out for the experiment, I would say that is incredible! I can’t wait for next season to see if the theories stick.


“The Last Anniversary” by Liane Moriarty

You’re all probably so sick of me recommending this author but I CAN’T GET ENOUGH! This book is my second or third favorite after “The Hypnotist’s Love Story.” This story is about a woman in her late thirties who unexpectedly inherits her ex boyfriend’s late aunt’s house. She gets wrapped into helping run their family business of maintaining a mystery tourist attraction and indubitably gets involved in the family secrets and drama. It’s one of those books that I enjoyed and I know my mom would too. When it was ending, I wanted more!


The Dodgers!

I’ll admit it- Nate got me hooked. But it’s such an exciting season, and going to the games is so much fun! I’m so excited that Kershaw is going to be a daddy. It’s going to be like the royal baby of baseball. This Saturday I’ll be going to my 5th(?) game this season. Playoffs, baby!


Carl Jung

AKA my psychologist soulmate. I just did a big presentation on him and I’ve got to say he’s a genius. Though he had weird beliefs about Hitler and women, there are so many synchronicities about my life and him that is so crazy! (Even the fact that he developed the theory of synchronicity and it’s something that I’ve believed in most of my life, I just called it “fate”). First of all, my love for psychology started when I was interested in dreams at age 10. Turns out all my old dream books referenced him. Then, he married a woman named Emma, HELLO! Also he developed the personality types that were later merged into the Myers-Briggs test. I wouldn’t even be in this masters program if I didn’t look up what professions an INFJ should have when I was miserable in PR!  And lastly, he kind of looks like Nate’s dad. Not sure how that relates, but I take it as a sign of something!

Bare Minerals bareSkin Liquid Foundation Review

9 Jul

Bare Minerals graced the IPSY event with their bareSkin liquid foundation. They gave complimentary skin color matching, and once you do a few social media tasks you got a free full-sized bottle along with the special brush that goes with it.

Side Note: I was completely surprised when my color shade was “Bare Ivory.” Hellooo I’ve been in the mediums my whole life! Am I the only one that gets borderline insulted when getting a lighter result in a makeup consultation?!


I’ve been using Bare Minerals’ powder since I started wearing makeup, so needless to say I was ecstatic. You’re supposed to shake the bottle and then drop some of the foundation in the middle of the brush and buff around. The brush worked really well, but there’s something about my fingers that work a lot more efficiently with less product. Plus they require less cleaning maintenance!

Here’s the bottom line: great, light coverage. It works perfectly under the foundation powder, concealer, and blush to create an air-brushed look. Here’s my schtick: It smells mildewy! I don’t know what it is! I’ve used the brush as an excuse, but here I am giving it another try without the brush, and I still smell it! Maybe they gave out old product at the convention and that’s why it smells, but beware. I’m so bummed about it. It smelled fine this morning when I put it on with my fingers, but now it is 4:00 p.m. and I smell mildew. 😦

I decided that since the product is so natural and I don’t want to waste it, that I will wear it when I go to night class. I have a routine of showering before school, and I hate putting on a full face of makeup for only a few hours of class, so this will be my compromise.

Anyone else have a difference experience? Let me know!


BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Gloss Review

10 Jun

I know, I know- I suck at blogging regularly! Things have been super crazy with summer school and my new job. I’m hoping that after this month, I will be free to blog and work more- yes, I haven’t even had much time to work, yikes!

Anyways, I was fortunate enough to acquire a full-size tube of BareMineral’s Moxie gloss at the IPSY event the other week. I got the color “Rule Breaker,” which is a gold shimmery nude. (The picture below makes it look a little more brown than in real life)



It goes on the perfect amount of opaqueness where you don’t look like you have caked on makeup or dead lips- it’s a good tinted sheen. I love the formula! It’s not sticky, feels lights, and it has a little tingle to it that is supposed to plump your lips. The bad news is that my lips did not plump, but it’s not what I was really looking for when trying the gloss. Overall, I really recommend this as a natural, every day look, or a nude lip to match a smokey eye. I wore it for my best friend’s wedding last weekend and I only had to apply it twice from 4pm- 11pm! Another plus is that it’s all natural minerals!

Generation Beauty 2014!

2 Jun

I’ve been an IPSY subscriber for a few years now, and I finally caved and went to Generation Beauty this past weekend. I’ve gotta say, it was a good decision! I went with my BFF, Megan.

Megan was lucky enough to sprain her ankle the day before. This let her be able to go to the front of all the lines in her wheelchair, while the vendors begrudgingly allowed me to partake in the commotion as “the wheelchair pusher who did not have to wait in line.” Can I just point out how sore my back is now?! Mad props to people who have to deal with wheelchairs every day. The stigma and little situations that come with it- whether you are in the wheelchair or just pushing- is terrible. This is us on the pink carpet outside of the event 🙂


As an IPSY subscriber, I got a discount on my ticket which is why I decided to attend the event. I’m on a budget these days. Now that it’s all over, I will safely say that I’d even pay full price to go. The amount of products that you leave that place with is ridiculously clutch. It all probably costs triple of what your ticket did.

I feel like this event is a win-win for everyone. All the vendors get these eager beauty fans/bloggers that would love to try samples and blog/post anything to social media in return for free product. All the beauty lovers/bloggers get the free product! This is going to save me a lot of money on new product reviews for the foreseeable future.

Here is one of the tons of selfies that I had to instagram to qualify for free product or contests. I’m not a selfie person at all, but for a FULL SIZE BareMinerals foundation and brush, who could resist?! I even won a contest for City Color’s contouring palette. I’m so excited to try it out!


All in all it was a fabulous time! I even got to see my favorite YouTubers 🙂 I spoke with a few people who said that last year’s was better, but I was still totally satisfied this year. Maybe next year will be even better! Product reviews soon ❤



May Favorites

29 May

It’s that time of the month again, the faves! Here’s what I’ve been loving this month:


I had to spend $10 more dollars for free shipping on Amazon.com, so I finally gave in and got myself a round brush to blow dry my hair with. I got the Conair GelGrips one because I’m a sucker for squishy things like that handle. I don’t think it adds anything extra to the brush, but it can do a hell of a blow dry! I barely have to run over my hair with a flat iron after drying my hair with that if I want a super straight look.


It only took me my 23rd birthday for me to realize that my all-over face brush was the same one I had since 7th grade. That would make it over a decade old. Scary! I purchased a new BareMinerals Flawless Face Brush off of Amazon. I’m not sure if it is a knock off, but it does a way better job than my old brush. It disperses the powder makeup very evenly and it’s super soft!


I also noticed that I’ve been using Maybelline’s Falsies mascara pretty religiously for the past 5 years. It was time to try something new. I bought L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes. At first I was very impressed. Then I started wearing it every day. My eyelashes started falling out and feeling dry. I double checked that it wasn’t waterproof because those tend to have that effect on my eyelashes. Nope! I now will only use this mascara on special occasions in fear of losing all of my eyelashes. It does a great job at building them up though!


Of course, Maybelline’s Color Elixir in “Vision in Violet” is a fave this month! I’ve already posted about how I love the formula and color. ❤ ❤ ❤


My friend, Megan got me Victoria’s Secret’s body spray in Island Rush for my birthday. It is pomelo and coconut water scented. I mentioned before that I got their tropical-smelling “Sexy Escape” scent as well. I like to switch it up with this one in my rotation because it’s more of a fresh, mellow tropical smell. Sometimes I just prance around my apartment and spray it in the rooms to liven it up 🙂


To continue on with my tropically trend, I started burning my Bath & Body Works “Island Margarita” candle this month. It fills the room super quick with it’s scent. It’s described as mandarine, mango, plum, with a salty margarita smell, but I liked it because it wasn’t too fruity or sweet- if that makes any sense. I definitely smelled the plum. Love it!


A book favorite of mine this month was Kiera Cass’ third novel in The Selection trilogy, “The One.” Spoiler alert: it is a typical YA series. However, I read these because I loved the world that Cass created, it was a feel-good read, and it took my mind off of the horrible work stress I had at the time. “The One” came out on May 6, and I felt like I needed to see what happened. I’m glad I did because the last book was definitely a lot more serious and had some unexpected twists. For those of you who don’t know the plot of the series- it’s about a hierarchal society with 7 castes/ designated jobs (much like The Hunger Games or Divergent). The prince becomes of-age, and has a (Cinderella meets The Bachelor) competition for the new princess. The story follows a girl, America, from caste 5- the artists. This story is supposed to take place in the future, so there are many references to the history of the United States, along with some made-up history to create a new world. I enjoyed it!


Duh, The Bachelorette! It’s back this month with Andi Dorfman! I’m so excited. I think she will bring the genuine search of love (that Juan Pable ruined) back to the show. This season, my friends and I are doing a fantasy league through BachFantasy.com. I know I’m a nerd!!! But it’s so much fun and a great excuse to get together with friends. My team, Rose Bros is kicking some booty already!

What are some of you all’s favorites this month? I’d love to try new things!