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Anxiety Hack

3 Feb

This is me:


No really..

Anxiety has been something that I have had dealt with since birth. It’s at the level where my therapists and fellow MFT classmates have said that they feel sorry for me because I do not know what it is like to not have anxiety. I’m always picking my fingers, picking my lips, biting the inside of my mouth, pulling my hair out in my sleep, screaming in my sleep, constantly warding off panic attacks, the list goes on… (For those curious, it stems from a long lineage of anxiety on both sides of my family mixed with other difficulties in how I was raised.)



There are a few techniques I have learned over the years on how to better control my anxiety when I start to feel it. Calm music, mantras, designated safety people to talk me down, etc. The most effective is a deep breathing technique that I just recently learned how to do correctly, and it made ALL the difference.


Ok. You are probably sitting upright in your chair. Maybe on your bed, maybe at your desk.

Take a deep breath in. Notice where the air fills in your body. Are you sucking your stomach in? Is your chest puffed out? This is the first problem.

When you inhale and suck your stomach in and your chest out, you are only utilizing 30% of your lungs. That’s depriving your body of a lot more oxygen- the molecule that can help calm you down when you are anxious.

The image below shows how you should breathe properly. When breathing in, your stomach should expand as if it were a balloon inflating. This uses 100% of your lungs and brings in the maximum amount of oxygen. Also keep all the air travel through your nose πŸ™‚


Now, everything I just shared with you so far is things that I’ve been told to do before. And let me tell you, when you’re in an anxious state this is not what would come to mind. I goofed it up whenever I tried out of panic or inability to pay close enough attention to my body.

Here’s my hack: LAY DOWN.

When you are laying down on your back, your body automatically starts breathing this way.


This simple step has helped me so much. When you are anxious. Just get horizontal, make sure you’re breathing out of your nose, and your body will start to self-correct your breathing pattern itself. Go ahead, try it out. It’s so cool to feel your stomach make that change in your breathing pattern.

Here are some of my further thoughts/theories:

Do you know anyone who can fall asleep super quick once they go to bed? My dad used to, my boyfriend does. I don’t get it. It takes me FOREVER to fall asleep.

What if they were breathing inappropriately (negligent to their breaths- most non-anxious people don’t think about breathing throughout their days) all day and once their body starts using 100% of their lungs, they get so overwhelmed with the calm that they fall asleep easily? Man, must be nice.

With this hack, I’ve started to make it a point to do this type of breathing at least once a day. Lay down and feel your stomach ONCE a day. It makes all the difference!

Once you get to a point where you can do it vertically without a problem, try to remind yourself throughout the day to breathe like that even for just a few times (I know it can make me look pregnant if I didn’t walk around holding my tummy in all day, so I’m not suggesting that). The past 3 months I’ve consciously made efforts to do this, and it honestly helps prevent anxious symptoms.


Is Anyone Else Alarmed By This???

20 May

21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy Set

21 Dec

21 Drops

Lately I’ve been becoming more interested in Eastern medicine and Ayurveda. I feel that certain oils and scents really do help you for some things, even if it is just psychological.Β  I’ve been working in a pretty stressful job, and I have always had sleeping issues on and off throughout my life. I feel like I should give this set a try. It contains oils- not sure if they can be mixed for new remedies, that you roller-ball onto your wrists and pressure points. This uses aromatherapy to ease your aversive feelings. Has anyone tried this? Let me know πŸ™‚

Gifts for the Makeup Junkie

20 Dec

All groups of girl friends have at least one makeup junkie. That’s usually me. I’m always up to date on the new stuff that’s out there and trying new products. This is a list of new/ interesting beauty products that would be great gifts for Christmas.

draw the line setSephora’s Draw the Line kit is awesome for those makeup junkie friends who like to try the winged eyeliner trend. This kit has all you need for all styles of eyes- smokey, edgy, subtle, you name it! I’d appreciate this kit so that I could try different kinda of eyeliner applications (ie: pencil, liquid, gel, etc.). Sephora’s makeup brand has pretty decent products as well.


Urban Decay’s Naked3 Palette. This was just released this month! How beautiful are all of those rosey gold hues?! The picture doesn’t do its justice. I can’t wait to get my hands on this when I get the money. All the the Naked palettes have gotten great reviews. They are about $52 at Sephora and Ulta.

marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs makeup! Yes, Marc Jacobs, fashion designer and perfume guy has made a makeup line! This has only been out for a few months. The lipsticks have good reviews, and the eyeshadow palettes are promising as well. Everyone in the beauty world wants to try this line out. It’s a little too pricey for my taste though.

fresh sugar baby lip kitFresh’s Sugar Lip kit is great because it’s all natural and makes your lips feel soft and rejuvinated. I’d be interested in trying the full Fresh lip treatment as opposed to multiple brands.

beauty blender duo set

If you know a makeup junkie, they have probably already tried the Beauty Blender. I’ve only heard good things about this product, and the awesome thing is that they need to be retired every few months. Sephora has this great deal that includes 2 blenders and a cleanser. It will be a pleasant surprise for your flawless-faced friend.

ciate nail lab

Not sure where else this is sold, but I saw it in Sephora. It’s the ultimate nail lab. You can create your own shades and give yourself a full manicure- tools and all- even with some sparkle if you’d like! It’s expensive, but a one-stop nail shop for them.

bareminerals kiss & tell

I love bareMinerals for my foundation/blush routine, but wouldn’t think to go there for lips. Your makeup junkie friend probably hasn’t either. Let me tell you, their lip products are so creamy and moisturizing. It’s like you’re giving them a trip to the lip spa (if it existed). Plus they’re all natural!

bareminerals body creamWhile I was checking out bareMinerals, I found this new body cream that they just came out with. bareMinerals for the body?! Yes! This has to be the ultimate treat for your skin. I’m definitely planning on trying this out soon. I think it’s like $20-$30 though, so it’ll be in my next beauty splurge spree.

Hope this list helps in your Christmas shopping! I know it’s a bit pricey, but the beauty junkies love the good stuff! There’s always mini or separate versions available in the stores too. πŸ™‚



Conditioner Tips

28 Oct

Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years with conditioner. It really helps your hair!


1. Condition the ends of your hair before you shampoo! This will provide a protecting layer so that they won’t dry out. (It’s really the hair closest to your scalp- hate that word- that needs to be shampooed).


2. Put your conditioner in while you shave your legs and wash/ exfoliate your face. This helps keep it in longer to get more nourishment in and saves time while multitasking!


3. Who has time to deep condition their hair every week?! I started my own little trick of putting it in my hair, and throwing it in a bun before I go to the gym. Then when you get home and shower, your hair is magically silky! Just make sure that you don’t have soaking, dripping hair when you put it in or else it’ll all run down your face when you work out and sweat. Tip: I only dampen the bottom half of my hair and brush the conditioner through with my fingers. You don’t really need to saturate your hair with it if you do it regularly!


4. Have you noticed in fine print on your shave gel that it could contain cancer-causing chemicals?? Being the hypochondriac that I am, I was freaked out! Guess what? Conditioner is not only safe, but better for your legs! I started shaving with conditioner and my legs feel even softer than with the gel! If you’re looking for other shaving alternatives, coconut oil works just as well as conditioner too πŸ˜‰

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

9 Oct

garnierI went to CVS over the weekend with my mind set on Olay’s Fresh Effects BB cream because that was the one I had tested and liked. Sadly, they didn’t carry it! Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream was one of the few they had available. The good thing is that I had heard positive reviews about it, so I decided to expand my BB cream horizon and try it out. First off, it smells amazing- like roses or some florally scent. The smell on my face did not last as long as the Olay BB cream did, but I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing.Β  It goes on very wet. If I wear it without the rest of my foundation routine (ie. powder to set it), it would take a few hours to soak in to my skin. It did not make my face feel greasy, but I had the feeling that if I had a naturally greasy face, it would probably make it worse. I love the way it makes my face look when I wear it alone. It looks like I have a super naturally flawless face. It covered my dark circles more than I thought it would. Overall, I’m a happy camper and am pretty sure I prefer BB cream to liquid foundation!

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

12 Sep


I’ll admit it…I’m a beauty junkie who has never tried a true BB cream until today. I know, I know. I’m punishing myself more than you are, trust me.

I think that my CoverGirl 3 in 1 is the most similar to BB cream while still being a full-coverage foundation, but this is certainly more magical.

First off, it smells amazing!!! It definitely matches the “fresh” part of the name. I’m surprised the smell stuck around for a few hours too. I think this is the smell they tried to mask their tanner with, but failed because fake tan smell is so ruthless.

I liked that when I applied it, it seemed to be more than just a tinted moisturizer because it seemed to do a pretty good job concealing stuff. I barely needed to apply any concealer afterwards. Also, I liked how much simpler it was to have the correct shade. There’s only like 3 options. I chose light to medium- nailed it!

The first few hours I was a little unsure. Sure, it was a tinted moisturizer. But it really made my skin feel…well, moist. I felt like I couldn’t rub up on anything or hug anyone until it dried. Maybe I put too much on…

Once it was dry, I knew I liked it. My face looks so natural compared to when I put regular liquid foundation on. I loved how it gave my complexion that “fresh effect”.

I will definitely use this more often than liquid foundation. It’s easier to apply and looks more natural for an effortless look. Don’t get me wrong though, I still like to look dolled up sometimes!