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In’s & Out’s

2 Mar


-I’m roughly 30% through grad school!

-I secured an internship to be a MFT Trainee! (I still call it an internship because it’s unpaid). I start getting my own clients this summer. Crazy!

-I’m no longer working in the service industry with the public. I’ll miss my team a bunch, but I will miss none of the public or manual labor.

-I got a new job babysitting the most adorable infant!

-Now I can focus on school, my wellness, this blog, everything…

-This rainy/cloudy weather. Love to cocoon under heavy blankets ❤

-Baseball season is approaching. Looking forward to Dodger game days!

-I went to Costco for the first time in over 10 years. I must say, that they have some pretty good food/meal options. I need to go back.


-From the craziness of the past few weeks, I have (yet another) cold.

-This month is full of projects and papers.

-I just realized that my cat is 9 years old. How?!


4th of July Weekend | Adventure to NY & CT

11 Jul

Hello Everyone!

Guess what?! Summer school is OVER!!!! I’m free! and most importantly- I PASSED! Watch out grad school I’m coming for ya! I’m writing this blog in my apartment around noon on a Friday. Who would’ve thought I would be here a year ago?!


This past 4th of July weekend, Nate and I took a trip to the east coast to attend our friends, Jamie and Juan’s wedding nuptials. We have known them a few years now, originally through Nate’s work networking with music.

The first stop was NYC because, come on, if you’re going to the east coast you need to go there at least for a little bit. Don’t get me started on the flight there. It was the week before finals and I had to do online stats homework and a quiz. The person in front of me decided to put her seat back- thus squishing my computer closer to me and partially closed. She then continued to reach back and close my window, making it dark. After her nap, she decided to stretch her arms back, causing her fingers to dangle in my face while I was trying to focus on my laptop screen. So rude! Anyways, I managed to get my work done in 4 hours and I ended up passing the class, so it was work the $40 for internet and torturous plane ride.


Our friend, Tanya was nice enough to let us stay in her apartment while she was out of town. The view of the city from her shower window was AMAZING. I think I saw the Empire State Building- or else it was the other one that looked similar to it. We flew in on the night of the 3rd, so after eating at a BBQ place down the street (leave it to us to want Western food after coming from the west coast), we pretty much just strolled around the city and went straight to bed.

The next morning, I was up around 7:30 a.m. EST, which makes no sense since I was coming from PST. But nonetheless I was up and ready to explore! We managed to have breakfast and walk all the way from Gramercy to Central Park.


Central Park!


Loved the detail on this building

Let’s not talk about the humidity’s relationship with my hair.

After a walk around, it started to rain. Nate was able to navigate us to a train to take us back downtown. Here’s us in the metro almost lost.. almost.


We ducked into a bar for lunch and beer (and more beer) while we waited for it to calm down. A World Cup game was on and it was fun being around people in the bar who were so stoked about it. We had to head back to Tanya’s for our luggage that evening for an 8pm train ride to Hartford, Connecticut. It was 20 hours in NYC, but it was worth it! Since it was the 4th of July, the city was so peaceful! Here is a pic of our view leaving the city. It was kind of romantic being in an empty train on 4th of July night seeing all the firework shows between the cities.


My first impression of Connecticut…NO UBERS! What?! And the taxi’s didn’t take cards- the only form of money we had by that time. We ended up waiting “12 minutes” for the closest Uber. Which ended up being closer to an hour. The Uber driver ended up trying to scam us. If he wasn’t scamming us, it sure seemed like it. Our destination was only a mile away and he passed it by 3 miles, talking  to us like we were really enjoying hearing about how we need to visit Morocco. Not cool, man. After Nate’s review, Uber contacted us by morning with our extra fare reimbursed with another $5 credit. You go, Uber! Great company.

The next day was wedding day! Nate and I slept in, had breakfast in the hotel, and started getting ready! OR rather I got ready while he threw on his clothes and watched Hitch in bed. Why do men have it so much easier?

The ceremony was in the first ever rose garden only feet away from Jamie and Juan’s first date. Aw! It was so sweet too, but I won’t embarrass them on here 🙂 Here’s a shot I snuck in of the ceremony. So pretty and no need to decorate! Flower gardens are genius.



I can’t begin to describe how cool the reception was! The time and thought it took to put it all together clearly showed and it was such a great experience for everyone! It was in Juan’s family’s backyard in a beautiful neighborhood.

I love that they used black candles with bright flowers. It's unique and very much like them!

I love that they used black candles with bright flowers. It’s unique and very much like them!


They had a FERRIS WHEEL.

Artsy view of the ferris wheel from the bar that I snagged from instagram :)

Artsy view of the ferris wheel from the bar that I snagged from instagram 🙂

Us on top!

Us on top!


After our first drink

After our first drink


After a few dranks

And JUMBO JANGA. And CORN HOLE. And HORSE SHOE TOSS. And FIREWORKS. (not just their own personal show, but all the neighbors were shooting off their leftovers from the 4th of July. Apparently their firework laws are a lot laid back in CT. Such a cool experience)


Truly a fairytale wedding! (another pic snagged from a more artsy attendee on instagram)

Jamie and Juan’s first dance was so cute! I love watching the first dance. The way the couple interacts during it says a lot about the couple to me. (Of course being a psy major I tend to over analyze everything.)


HOW CUTE ARE THESE CAKE TOPPERS!! It looks just like them and their poodle baby, Maggie. I don’t know how I didn’t end up with pics of Maggie. She was the ring bearer!


Unlike the other weddings we’ve attended, these people know how to party! It was still bumping around 10:30 p.m. when our shuttle took us back to the hotel. We had to get to the airport at 7am 😦 Needless to say we needed the D before we headed back to LA.


It was a very quick, eventful weekend, and I’m so glad I went! Good thing I didn’t have work the rest of the week. After finals on Tuesday, I got to shamelessly sleep. That’s why it’s taken me a while to post this!