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Review | Herbal Essences Conditioning Mousse

11 Mar


Herbal Essence has definitely made a treasure amongst the drugstore hair products. The mousse comes out heavier and thicker than most mousses that I have tried, so remember that a little goes a long way! As soon as I put this stuff in my hair it felt like it had been through a really good deep conditioning treatment. It did not take longer to dry, did not leave any grease, and my hair was shiny and defrizzed after my blow dry.  I find myself touching it throughout the day because it is so soft. And don’t get me started on THE SMELL!!! There’s coconut in there and it smells so tropical in a non-overwhelming way. I’m excited to use it again. The only concern is that the bottle is on the skinnier side compared to others such as Tresseme’s mousse.


Younique 3D Fiber Mascara | Review

3 Nov

Guys. This stuff is seriously a MUST. Goodbye forever, false lashes! No longer will I have to struggle with glue, crooked lashes, or premature fall-off. I now can make my own lashes look fake!

I came across Younique through my friend, Julie who sells it (it’s a company similar to Mary Kay or Avon). I decided to join and be a seller so that I can purchase my own products at a discount and get some side cash from social selling if people notice my fab lashes.


It also comes in a cute hard case!

Younique’s 3D FIber Lashes are all natural. The transplanting gel is basically this beeswax that never dries out. and then there is a tube of nylon fibers. You can make a natural looking long lash with one or two coats, or go all out like me for the super glam look.


Here are my lashes with 3 coats on

I love that 1) it never dries out so I can wear it for special occasions only if I want. , 2) it’s all natural and does not damage your real lashes anyway whatsoever, 3) it’s so simple to apply, 4) I get no fallout until I wash it off at the end of the day! It’s super easy to wash off too because it’s just beeswax and fiber on top of your regular mascara. PLUS it’s tear proof! Trust me, it’s been tested in my group therapy class!


My regular mascara on the left, 3D on the right


3D lashes on the left, regular mascara on the right 🙂

I know the price is a little steep- I usually go for drugstore over name brands. But this stuff is def worth the investment because of how long it lasts and does not dry out. I’m still on my first tubes and it’s been over 2 months of every day use!

If you are interested in purchasing and know me personally, you can contact me and we can meet up with one of my stock. Just bring me $32 ($29+ tax & shipping)

ORRR you can order some here from my webpage: www.youniqueproducts.com/EmmaPie

I also really recommend looking at tutorials on YouTube for how to apply, or else follow the directions that come in the case. I’m thinking about making my own demo video too…


I’m also really loving the eyeshadow pigments! They are all natural-just like BareMinerals, yet the colors have the opaqueness of Mac. and get this- they’re only $10 each! My mom likes that they come in matte because she hates shimmer, but I love the shimmer and it stays on pretty well 🙂

New Favorite Lip Gloss | NYX’s “Merengue Merengue”

8 Aug


I received a few NYX butter glosses in my IPSY goodies and the shade “Meregue Merengue” has gotten so many compliments that I had to post about it! It’s the perfect light purpley pink to look unique but not completely turn heads. I think it looks great with a tan (in this picture I’m not wearing any makeup- hence the extreme paleness.) The formula is pretty opaque, so I just have to make sure that the coat is even. It is super buttery and surprisingly non-sticky! Definitely recommend 🙂

Book Review | Before I Fall By Lauren Oliver

23 Jul


It wasn’t until I was trying to find a picture of “Before I Fall” that I realized the author, Lauren Oliver is the same author of the Delirium trilogy. Looking back, I think that the voices in the trilogy compared to this book seem completely different, so you go, Lauren Oliver (“You go Glenn Coco”- Sorry I’m in a weird mood). “Before I Fall” is about a girl who is “popular” in high school and dies in a car accident her senior year. I quoted “popular” because after she dies, she relives her last day seven times and realizes that even though she was “popular,” she did some very uncool things. Throughout reliving her last day, she figures out how intertwined everything is- think The Butterfly Effect, and how even the most subtle details can save or ruin someone’s life. I definitely recommend this book for high schoolers as a cautionary tale or lesson, but seeing as I am a bit more mature now I could see the predictability of it. I did enjoy reading the main character’s inner monologues about the way things are in high school and how to get by without “committing social suicide” (another Mean Girls reference- do I need to watch that now?). Oh the memories it brought back. The ones I would never want to relive, let alone seven times.

Bare Minerals bareSkin Liquid Foundation Review

9 Jul

Bare Minerals graced the IPSY event with their bareSkin liquid foundation. They gave complimentary skin color matching, and once you do a few social media tasks you got a free full-sized bottle along with the special brush that goes with it.

Side Note: I was completely surprised when my color shade was “Bare Ivory.” Hellooo I’ve been in the mediums my whole life! Am I the only one that gets borderline insulted when getting a lighter result in a makeup consultation?!


I’ve been using Bare Minerals’ powder since I started wearing makeup, so needless to say I was ecstatic. You’re supposed to shake the bottle and then drop some of the foundation in the middle of the brush and buff around. The brush worked really well, but there’s something about my fingers that work a lot more efficiently with less product. Plus they require less cleaning maintenance!

Here’s the bottom line: great, light coverage. It works perfectly under the foundation powder, concealer, and blush to create an air-brushed look. Here’s my schtick: It smells mildewy! I don’t know what it is! I’ve used the brush as an excuse, but here I am giving it another try without the brush, and I still smell it! Maybe they gave out old product at the convention and that’s why it smells, but beware. I’m so bummed about it. It smelled fine this morning when I put it on with my fingers, but now it is 4:00 p.m. and I smell mildew. 😦

I decided that since the product is so natural and I don’t want to waste it, that I will wear it when I go to night class. I have a routine of showering before school, and I hate putting on a full face of makeup for only a few hours of class, so this will be my compromise.

Anyone else have a difference experience? Let me know!


BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Gloss Review

10 Jun

I know, I know- I suck at blogging regularly! Things have been super crazy with summer school and my new job. I’m hoping that after this month, I will be free to blog and work more- yes, I haven’t even had much time to work, yikes!

Anyways, I was fortunate enough to acquire a full-size tube of BareMineral’s Moxie gloss at the IPSY event the other week. I got the color “Rule Breaker,” which is a gold shimmery nude. (The picture below makes it look a little more brown than in real life)



It goes on the perfect amount of opaqueness where you don’t look like you have caked on makeup or dead lips- it’s a good tinted sheen. I love the formula! It’s not sticky, feels lights, and it has a little tingle to it that is supposed to plump your lips. The bad news is that my lips did not plump, but it’s not what I was really looking for when trying the gloss. Overall, I really recommend this as a natural, every day look, or a nude lip to match a smokey eye. I wore it for my best friend’s wedding last weekend and I only had to apply it twice from 4pm- 11pm! Another plus is that it’s all natural minerals!

Product Review | Maybelline’s Color Elixir in “Vision in Violet”

15 May

I’ve wanted purple lips for quite some time now. Not only is it my favorite color but it’s odd enough of a lip color for a double take, yet not odd enough to cause aversive stares. When I was surfing the CVS aisles, I was ecstatic to stumble upon this color.


Since you have to use a wand to apply this lipsticky gloss, you need a mirror to make sure that it applies evenly. Once it’s on, you’re good to go! I love that once it is on, it looks like a dupe for MAC’s Violetta in the amplified creme formula. Maybe a little shiner.

Me, rockin' it

Me, rockin’ it

My favorite thing about this gloss is that it’s buildable. You can do a thin layer for a bright fushia shade, or if you go thicker it will look like an electric violet color. If you achieve the electric violet color, it lasts for a few hours at a time before reapplication is needed.

One of the drawbacks about this formula is that it stains your lips. I went to the mall with my mom after freshly applying it, and after about three hours and deciding to lick off the remains and forgoing the look (don’t judge me, you know you eat your lipgloss too), my lips were stained bright pink. Now this could also be a cool look, but I’m one of those people that either go bold or don’t so I was a little bummed when I was stuck with the bold lip commitment until I could find makeup remover.

Another note is that when applying it to my lips, I didn’t smell ANYTHING. I then saw a beauty YouTuber say that it smells good, so next time I applied it, I gave the wand a sniff. It actually smells pretty good. I’d say it smells like  a lifesaver. But it IS light. As I mentioned before, I didn’t smell anything until I actually tried to. So don’t let that get in your way if you don’t like smelly things. 🙂

Stay Beautiful!