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In’s & Out’s

2 Mar


-I’m roughly 30% through grad school!

-I secured an internship to be a MFT Trainee! (I still call it an internship because it’s unpaid). I start getting my own clients this summer. Crazy!

-I’m no longer working in the service industry with the public. I’ll miss my team a bunch, but I will miss none of the public or manual labor.

-I got a new job babysitting the most adorable infant!

-Now I can focus on school, my wellness, this blog, everything…

-This rainy/cloudy weather. Love to cocoon under heavy blankets ❤

-Baseball season is approaching. Looking forward to Dodger game days!

-I went to Costco for the first time in over 10 years. I must say, that they have some pretty good food/meal options. I need to go back.


-From the craziness of the past few weeks, I have (yet another) cold.

-This month is full of projects and papers.

-I just realized that my cat is 9 years old. How?!


Ins and Outs

14 May

I haven’t had a personal update in a long time (besides my drunken weekends). Here’s a peek of what’s been going on:


No more 405 commute- That’s right, I’m out of the PR world. I’ve decided that there is no way that I could focus on my masters while immersed in the drama of needy clients. I needed a job that I could come into and leave when my shift is up. And with better hours. It’s bitter sweet that I was laid off days before I was going to put in my notice, but it only validates my decision.

Midweek chores- Can I tell you how amazing it is to not be scrambling with the rest of the world to do my laundry and grocery shopping on the weekends?! I have a life again!

Sparkle and Wine!- More time to focus on my blog. I made business cards to network and promote this site. They are super cute and super sparkly!

Generation Beauty- I get to go to Generation Beauty later this month! For those of you who do not know, it is a beauty blogger/YouTuber convention where you get tons of products and tips. I’m so excited to bring back what I learn to Sparkle and Wine!

Reading for fun- I just finished a book in under a week. That hasn’t happened in over a year since my eyes have been so tired after working all day. It’s like a whole new world for my eyes now that I can read for longer periods of time! (Book review coming soon!)

Crocheting- I’ve mentioned before, but I’m making a beautiful blanket for my friends who are getting married, Deya and Kevin. I’m so excited to see the finished product.

NAPS- Oh naps, how I’ve missed you. The one thing I loved most about the college years… I had a psychic tell me that I enjoy sleeping so much because I enjoy dreaming so much. And it’s true! I remember more dreams than anyone else I talk to. I learn a lot from them too. I know it’s a Freudian theory, but I find it at least partially true.


Family Trees- The combination of trying to get my 87 year-old Grandma to remember something and drawing the maze-like side of my mom’s family is way too much to ask of me for this class that I am in. It is taking me longer than if I were to just write the 7 page paper option. Ay me…

Uniforms- I was in private school for 13 years and I thought my uniform days were over! At least I’m used to it.. The only complaint about this particular one is that I can’t wear nail polish! This is going to be very trying, but at least I have nails on my toes that no one can see 🙂

Odd hours- It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s nice when I can get things done in the middle of the week, but I’ll definitely  feel it when I have to miss social gatherings on the weekends or time with Nate.

Being in transition- Until school starts, I’m going to have this weird unsure feeling in my tummy. I hate not knowing if I’ve gone the right way or will be secure :/

Pooping in Public

1 Feb

Such a catchy title, huh? I was debating if posting this would taint my blog’s reputation, but I figured these tips would be appreciated by all so I’m taking one for the team. SO here we go….Pooping. Everyone does it. Even the ladies! And sometimes we just gotta go, even if we’re in public. Even at work. Actually, for most people it would be usually at work since that’s where you spend most of your time during the week. I know “Poo-Pouri” exists now, but how embarrassing is that to be seen chillen in your purse or walking to the bathroom?! With my experience, I’ve developed some great tips to “go” incognito.

1. Toilet Seat Covers!!!! The most horrific thing in my day is walking into a bathroom stall to find someone’s skid marks all over the toilet bowl. Gross. And it’s happened plenty times. Some people flush twice to get rid of it, but sometimes I’ve walked in on a 20-flusher. Here’s how to avoid that: lay a toilet seat cover on top of the water before you put another one on the seat. VOILA, CLEAN FLUSH!

2. Lighting matches eliminate smells. Yes, it will smell like matches. But it’s better than smelling poop. Also, the smell goes away way faster. Just shove a matchbook in your pocket, do your business, light a match and wave it around until it goes out. BOOM YOU’RE A PHANTOM.

While I’m on this bathroom topic (and hope to never come back to it) I might as well vent. Ladies, why is there pee drops on public toilet seats?! If it’s a dry seat, and there are covers, there is no reason for you to squat and leave a wet present for someone else to sit on later. Nasty! And if you have a weird phobia of ass to toilet-covered seat, please have the decency to wipe it down after.

Men who have read this, I apologize. Women are probably just as gross or even more so than you. I won’t even get into the feminine products vent..

In’s & Out’s

29 Oct


  • I have a huge announcement to make! Happy days are on the way! That’s right, I got a different job. This one will support me if I switch to part-time when I go to school too.  I can see the light at the end of this tunnel, it’s only 2 weeks away!
  • In addition to that, I get a nice 6 day break in between jobs!! Yay sleep and shopping 🙂
  • Being more in shape and flexible. It feels so good!
  • Halloween festivities! This year I got a pumpkin and carved it! This is the first time I’ve done this since I was like 14. Above is my pumpkin. We named him Gunther.  Our friends came over and we drank wine and ate Trader Joes’ pumpkin bread pudding while carving. Then I roasted the seeds and it was sooo good! This Friday, my friends are having a Halloween party too and I’m excited to go crazy with my leftover costume combo!
  • American Horror Story: Coven. OMG. I’m so into this show, especially since it’s Halloween time. I love the tabooness about it. I also like that Nate and I now have another show we can watch together 🙂
  • Listening parties- Last night I got to be Nate’s date for Yuna’s album listening party. It was really cool because a) there was FREE seasonal beer, b) it was an acoustic strip-down of the album, c) she played her old song that is my favorite, and d) I got to see a cool little studio venue that I’ve never been to before.
  • A quiet kitty!!!! Can you believe it?! I don’t want to jinx it. But last night, I had a crazy idea that Nate or my family on the other side has been bugging or playing with Milo at night. I found him randomly in the middle of the living room quietly mewing at nothing. I stooped next to him and told him he just has to tell it to go away and it will because it is more scared of us that we are of it. Then I said “please go away” in the direction of Milo’s meowing. I went back to bed, Milo followed, curled up and slept soundly. Creepy much?! I believe it.


  • 2 more weeks here -_- I thought they’d let me go early.
  • They don’t dress up for Halloween here. WHAT?!?!
  • It’s arts and crafts week at panty camp
  • Not all of my family is cooperating with my fun family bonding idea 😦

How to Cure the Tuesday Blues-days

27 Aug


Wednesday- Hump Day! Halfway through!

Thursday- Tomorrow is Friday!

Friday- Woo, we made it! Party tonight, sleep in tomorrow!

Saturday- Sleep in, stay up late, do whatever you want all day!

Sunday- Sleep in, do whatever you want all day!

Monday- Ok, the week has to start somewhere

Tuesday-….???? Ugh…..

We all hate Tuesdays. There’s nothing special about them! Here’s how I cope:

  • Treat yourself! Make Tuesday taco night, wine night, game night, pamper night, date night- something special for you! This way you have something to look forward to during the day, which makes it go by faster.
  • I try to make a special playlist the day before so that I have something to keep me happy work. I also only allow myself to listen to talk shows or YouTubes on Tuesdays (and Thursdays hehe) which also keeps me truckin!
  • I usually bring my lunch to work, but sometimes when I’m really hating Tuesdays, it’s the day I go down to the cafe to get lunch. Treat yoself!
  • Make plans for the weekend! Get something to look forward to!
  • Wear your fancy perfume,  a dress, or even something more comfy- whatever makes you feel good! I usually say since it’s freakin Tuesday, I’m wearing leggings and putting my hair up for work! Some people feel better when they are more dressed up.

I hope this helped you or gave you some ideas to brighten this icky day!